The Blues Issue

The Blues Issue are a blues band from Brighton and, in the interest of impartiality, I am the drummer.

The site needed to be fun to use as it does not contain all that much content. I’d decided that most fans of the band are more likely to interact with its facebook page than visit the website, so it became a promotional site aimed at getting bookings.

For this reason, I put a video of the band playing at the forefront of the design (no amount of photos underneath the pier can tell somebody what the band is like playing live). The video autoplays but I made sure that the audio was muted by default as this can be very frustrating to a user. It uses the HTML5 <video> element and a javascript ‘mute’ toggle can be clicked to enable sound.

The “Gigs” page pulls events from Facebook using the Facebook API. This provides an easy interface for band to update listings and also ensures the facebook page and website are kept in sync.

website screenshot
website screenshot
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