Screenshot of AB testing

AB testing

As part of my role are create.net we are always testing new designs and content to increase engagement with our users, in particular, users on the free trial period.

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Screenshot of Enchant Website Template

Enchant Website Template

The challenge of building a website template to be used with a content management system (CMS) is one I face regularly in my day to day work.

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Screenshot of Product Summaries

Product Summaries

Working at Create.net, we often have to build new templates using existing markup - it keeps maintenance to a minimum and ensures sites don’t get left behind. One afternoon I decided to see how far I could take this ‘product summary’ pattern, creating three different styles using the same markup.

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Screenshot of Colour Picker Concept

Colour Picker Concept

Challenged with creating a colour picker that doesn’t allow for poor colour choices, and a weekend at home alone, I wire-framed and prototyped this concept based on “colour collections”.

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Screenshot of The Blues Issue

The Blues Issue

The Blues Issue are a blues band from Brighton and, in the interest of impartiality, I am the drummer.

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Screenshot of The Shakedown Collective

The Shakedown Collective

This microsite for local band ‘The Shakedown Collective’ utilises CSS3 animations (and a little help from jQuery) to load in more content as you scroll down the page.

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